When signing the loan agreement, the borrower must be in possession of a valid official ID at the time of signing the and must show it at the start of the loan period. For minors, the signature of a parent or guardian is also required (see below).

In any case, the borrower is fully liable for any loss or theft of the bike and/or its components as well as any damages occurring at the borrowed bike and/or its components.

The borrowed bike and/or its components must always be secured/protected against theft and/or abuse by unauthorized persons. In case of theft of the bike and/or its components, the total current value of the loss has to be fully reimbursed by the borrower.

By signing the loan agreement, the bike borrower confirms to dispose of an own and adequate insurance coverage against any personal injuries and/or property damages affecting him-/ herself as well as any third parties. In addition,
the bike borrower waives any damage claims against the lender by signing this agreement.

Despite of careful examination on the part of the lender, the bike borrower is obliged to check the borrowed bike before first usage in terms of any prior damages. Any observed defect has to be reported to the lender immediately. In any case, the lender is not liable for any hidden defects and/or constructional and/or manufacturing error. With his/her signature, the borrower waives any potential claims for compensation against the manufacturer.

By signing the loan agreement, the borrower declares to return the borrowed bike at the agreed time. In case of a lack
of such an agreement, the bike has to be returned in any case on the same day and always in a proper condition.

The borrower commits him- or herself to wear a suitable helmet throughout the whole test ride. If available, a helmet is handed out together with the bicycle by the lender. It is to be handled with care and returned together with the test bicycle.